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Developing your Idea - Human & Legal Entrepreneurship

- or How To Get Your First Customer

Welcome to the first spring workshop in our Entrepreneurship-series. In this one we focus on developing your idea and how to do so with your customers or through selling and qualifying your idea with partners and clients from the start. You can join with just the first few thoughts about an idea or a fully sketched out product idea - but you do need to work with some kind of idea for the session. 

We've invited Nina Riis who's a trained facilitator and really good at the process of generating ideas and taking them to the next level. She'll bring some crucial know-how and a few exercises, so expect an interactive couple of hours. The process will be lightly based on the Effectuation theory and as such also introduce a few tools that will be useful for building your business.

The workshop is free, but you need to register: